Exercises: cardinal numbers

Números cardinales II: tens, dozen, hundred, thousand, million

Rellena el crucigrama con números cardinales resultantes en las sumas.

1 Eggs are usually sold by the ____.

2 I have eaten ____ of chocolates.

3 The project is finished. I have worked _____ of hours in it.

4 My car cost four _____ dollards.

5 One ____ of a dollar is equal to one cent.

6 There are two ____ hours in a day.

7 The biggest ant nest in the world is estimated to contain 306 ____ worker ants.

8 The ___ Years' War was a series of conflicts between the Kingdoms of England and France for control of the French throne.

9 A baker's ____, also known as a long dozen, is thirteen, while a decimal ____ is twelve.

10Could you bring me a ____ of eggs from the grocery, please?