Star Polygons

A regular star polygon is constructed by joining nonconsecutive vertices of regular convex polygons of continuous form.

They are denoted by p/q, where p is the number of vertices of the convex regular polygon and q is the jump between vertices.

p/q must be an irreducible fraction (in reduced form).

The polygon p/q is the same as the p/(p − q), as the polygon is obtained by joining vertices in a counterclockwise direction.

Regular Star Pentagon

5/2Regular Star Pentagon

Regular Star Heptagons

7/2Regular Star Heptagon

7/3Regular Star Heptagons

Regular Star Octagon

8/3Regular Star Octagon

Regular Star Enneagons

9/2Regular Star Enneagon

9/4 Regular Star Enneagon

Regular Star Decagon

10/3Regular Star Decagon