A ratio is the quotient between two numbers or two comparable quantities which is expressed as a fraction.

Terms of a Ratio

The terms of a ratio are called the antecedent and the consequent. The antecedent is the numerator and the consequent is the denominator.


The ratio of girls in a group of students is 5 for every 10 boys: Fraction

This can also be expressed using the odds notation 5:10, which is read as 5 to 10.

Ratios can be reduced much like fractions to a simpler form (Ratio or 1:2).

This ratio of girls in a group expresses how many girls there are in relation to boys, however, it can also be expressed in terms of the total number of people in a group (1+2=3). For example, 1 of every 3 students is a girl.

It is important to remember that ratios and rational numbers are not the same.

If Rational Number is a rational number, then a and b are integers with b≠0, while in the ratio Ratio, a and b can be decimal numbers.