Decimal Numbers

Decimal Fraction

The denominator of a decimal fraction is the unit followed by zeros.

Decimal Fractions

Decimal Number

Can be expressed by a decimal fraction.

It has two parts: a whole and a decimal.

Decimal Number

To express a decimal number as a decimal fraction, write the the number without the decimal point as the numerator and as the denominator a 1, followed by as many zeros as there are decimal places in the decimal number.

Decimal Numbers

Decimal Units

They are fractions whose numerator is 1 and the denominator is a power of 10.

Decimal Units

Decimal Units

Rounding of Decimals

If the number of decimal units is greater than or equal to 5, increase by one number the previous decimal; otherwise, it is left it as is.


2.36105 flecha 2.4  Rounding to the tenths.

2.36105 flecha 2.36   Rounding to the hundredths.

2.36105 flecha 2,361 Rounding to the thousandths.

2.36105 flecha 2.3611 Rounding to the ten-thousandths

Truncate Decimals

To truncate a decimal to a given order leave the figures prior to that order and eliminate the others.

2.3647 flecha2.3    Truncation to the tenths.

2.3647 flecha2.36   Truncation to the hundredths.

2.3647 flecha2.364  Truncation to the thousandths.

2.3647 flecha2.3467 Truncation to the ten-thousandths