Simple past interrogative

Pasado simple interrogativo

El pasado simple en forma interrogativa tiene la misma estructura para los verbos regulares e irregulares:


Did + sujeto + infinitivo sin "to"


Forma larga Did + sujeto + not + infinitivo
Forma corta Didn´t + sujeto + infinitivo
Afirmativo Negativo
Did I go...? Did I not go...? Didn't I go...?
Did you work...? Did you not work...? Didn't you work...?
Did he/she/it go...? Did he/she/it not go...? Didn't he/she/it go...?
Did we work...? Did we not work...? Didn't we work...?
Did you go...? Did you not go...? Didn't you go...?
Did they work...? Did they not work...? Didn't they work...?


Did I fail this exam? ¿Suspendí este examen?
Did he not know it? ¿No lo sabía?
Why did you wait so long? ¿Por qué esperasteis tanto?
Didn't they tell you? ¿No te lo contaron?
When did you break your finger? ¿Cuándo te rompiste el dedo?
Did she watch the film yesterday? ¿Vió la película ayer?
Didn´t she kiss her boyfriend? ¿No besó a su novio?
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Elige la opción correcta.

1 Did you TV last night?


2 Did your mother ever a novel?


3 How many books last summer?

did you read

4 Where last Friday?

did you go

5 Did they a good time?


6 What at school today?

did she study

7 at school last week?

Was she

8 on holiday last year?

Did you go

9 What she do yesterday morning?


10 What time up last Sunday?

did you get

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