Present continuous negative

Presente continuo negativo

La estructura del presente continuous en forma negativa es:

Sujeto + presente de "to be" + not + verbo -ing + ...

Forma larga Forma corta
I am not working I'm not working  
You are not working You're not working You aren't working
He is not working He's not working He isn't working
She is not working She's not working She isn't working
It is not working It's not working It isn't working
We are not working We're not working We aren't working
You are not working You're not working You aren't working
They are not working They're not working They aren't working


I'm not having fun No me lo estoy pasando bien
You aren't doing the shopping No estás haciendo la compra
He's not hiding anything No está ocultando nada
She isn't watching TV No está viendo la tele
It is not blooming No está floreciendo
We aren't having lunch No estamos almorzando
You're not eating No estáis comiendo
They are not fighting each other No se están pegando


Completa las siguientes oraciones con el verbo subrayado en la forma negativa del presente continuo.

1 I ride a black horse.

I'm (am) not riding

2 Susan play the piano.

Susan's not / is not / isn't playing

3 That company make any good offer.

is not (isn't) making

4 They watch an interesting TV programme.

are not watching / aren't watching

5 You live in a nice flat.

You're not (are not/aren't) living

6 Her boss write an email now.

is not (isn't) writing

7 You go to the cinema tomorrow.

You're not (are not / aren't) going

8 Birds fly now in the sky.

are not (aren't) flying

9 My sister study French.

's not (is not/isn't) studying

10 We do the shopping tonight.

We're not (are not / aren't) doing